Recenzii – Terra Events Hall


(Română) Ramona si Adrian

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(Română) Mdalina si Bogdan

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Maria and Rares

Our life journey has begun with TERRA Events Hall, in an elegant setting, perfectly arranged to the final details by our dear Cristina and her team. The choice for this place was determined primarily by the friendship bond that was created with Cristina. Her advice, dedication, warm soul, sweet words and constructive criticism led to the organization of our long-awaited wedding. Everything went exactly as planned, it was the perfect wedding!!!

Luminita and Razvan

We found you “by accident” and from the first second I said: “this is the place where we want to have our wedding” – today, I am glad that our intuition did not fail. Thank you for your involvement to the maximum capacity, for your effort, for the seriousness you have shown, because you left us with a pleasant memory! We will recommend you later, with the utmost confidence!

Cristina, if we were to have 1000 events we would have, we would choose you every time without hesitation! “

Valentina and Horatiu

TERRA Events Hall is an elegant location, tastefully decorated, and Cristina is the heart of the place. She always came up with solutions to anything, with many original ideas on any aspect. She took care of all the details and was personally involved in making our day beautiful … and it was! We owe Cristina and her team the joy of the wedding night and the peace before the event.
We thank you a lot!

Rebeca and Ionut

Cristina is our guardian angel! We organized our wedding in just 1 month after an unpleasant surprise from another place. Terra Events is the place where we have lived the most beautiful evening of our lives so far: 100% professionalism, involvement, devotion, respect for the bride and groom and for the guests. In a word SUPERB! Highly recommend!!!

Ema and Dan

The perfect location for a dream wedding! TERRA Events is the most beautiful event room I have seen in Bucharest! And I’m not just saying that, the same feedback comes from the guests. Everything is perfect: the food, the drink, the service, the decorations, the huge parking lot and Cristina …. there are no words … she is open to ideas, present throughout the event, very kind and eager to help! I recommend this place to anyone who wants to have a successful, seamless event! I would always choose TERRA Events Hall

Daniela and Ovidiu

The ideal place to start a new life together. Elegance, simplicity, professionalism to the highest standards. Warm people, willing to help you with anything to organize an amazing event! Thank you TERRA Events Hall for making sure everything was perfect on one of the most beautiful days of our lives.

We discovered this wonderful place 2 weeks before the event, we looked into each other’s eyes and said, “This is where our journey must begin!” The previous location had proved to be an uninspired choice, because unfortunately many places only provide the location and not a package of services supported with professionalism. Cristina gave us the state of security and tranquility that we were looking for since our first discussion, as well as the conviction that everything will happen according to our wishes and expectations. TERRA Events Hall is undoubtedly a 5* location, elegant and modern at the same time, with a unique architectural concept in Bucharest, high quality services, professionalism and seriousness. Words cannot describe the feeling of joy and satisfaction from the evening of the event. So, we recommend it to anyone interested to schedule a visit when there are ongoing events… you will certainly come back.
The feedback of all the guests was only exceptional! You are an exceptional team, keep up the good work and success is guaranteed!
Thank you for everything! Dreams come true with TERRA Events Hall!